Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Get social.....and get some great cards!

With the recent changes in Facebook Groups, some dormant groups have become quite vibrant and active recently.  One that has already proven to put me in the "duh, WINNING" category is the "Baseball Card trading, buying, and selling" Group

First and foremost, bear in mind that unlike many trading forums around the Web, this one is sort of "wild wild West" when it comes to lack of rules and regulations.  The wheeling and dealing here is un-policed for the time being, and for now neither Facebook nor the group admin probably have any intention of putting any regulations in place.  So, as with anything done online, caveat emptor. 

Having said that, it is proving to be a pretty good place for acquiring cards for resell for me at either eBay or Checkoutmycards.com, including 2011 Orlando Cepeda and Joe Morgan patch cards from a Cleveland Indians collector that only cost me Travis Hafner and Kerry Wood relic cards. 

Good luck with this new place for completing a wish list, helping someone complete theirs, turning a profit via resell, etc.! There's only 94 active members at the moment.  Let's grow it and make it a win/win for everyone. 

Baseball card trading, buying, and selling group on Facebook

Monday, May 23, 2011

Everyone loves a comeback

Even those who have abandoned the hobby after spending their childhood in pursuit of their favorite cardboard superstars are rooting for its return to glory.  You might not have bought a card in years and have no intention of doing so, but collecting provides points of reference when waxing nostalgic. 

Let's hope trading cards bounce back

Monday, May 16, 2011

What could possibly be more All-American than.......

an article about the love of our All-American hobby, written by a native of Andy Griffith's hometown, which became Mayberry on TV?  Yet another writer who thought he could retire off an '89 Upper Deck Griffey rookie card has had a rude awakening, but uses the occasion to reflect upon his life and the decisions he has made. 

Which cards in your collection trigger a very specific (and possibly non-sports related) memory?  Share them in the comment section, and in the meantime, enjoy the story of one writer's trip down memory lane upon rediscovering his card collection............

Baseball cards, memories, and the passage of time