Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What a difference a day makes......

....AND a 446 foot moon shot in your first major league at-bat after an entire spring as the most hyped rookie in baseball! How quickly did you rummage through your card collection looking for anything with the name Jason Heyward around 3:30 p.m. Central time yesterday? And how quickly were you able to put what you found on eBay?

Heyward cards were already hot items on eBay, but after the 21st century version "Shot Heard 'Round The World", it will temporarily cost you a premium to grab a high end treasure with his name on it.

On April 4th, the day before the mammoth shot, a 2007 Bowman Sterling autographed Heyward "rookie" card went for just under $100 on eBay. At the moment, 2 more are approaching $150 with about 17 1/2 hours left in the bidding as this blog is being written and could approach $200 or more by the end. And J-Hey Kid Mania didn't stop there. Looks like a jersey or t-shirt could set you back just as much in the short term.

If you have anything Heyward-related and looking for some extra cash, it's definitely time to strike while the iron is hot, and be thankful he didn't strike out while the iron was hot.

The home run didn't only make Heyward cards an eBay sensation, the moment itself is also a YouTube sensation. Who knew? So far the best fan-captured version of it came with the clip below. Enjoy before you head out to empty out the bank account to grab an autographed card or an authentic Heyward jersey.

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