Friday, February 11, 2011

Dance with the one that brought you......

Another piece about a brick and mortar shop that is hangin' in there, but this one points out a few things about the hobby and industry that I found interesting.......

1) No matter how a card shop chooses to expand their line of product and no matter how wide of variety of more "upscale" items they offer (autographed memorabilia, game used merchandise, etc.), CARDS remain what keeps the bills paid and the doors open. 

2) Note which holiday provides a surprising boom in business according to the owners

3) These folks are pretty smart in offering negotiable pricing with their autographed memorabilia, given the fact that sites like Groupon and Living Social and bartering becoming an increasingly popular phenomenon in still shaky economic times.  As an eBay seller, about 75% of my business comes from the "Best Offer" option.  If you're a seller in ANY forum (eBay,, Sportslots, etc.), this is a great option to help you move product that's been "sitting on the shelf" in a manner of speaking. 

Piece of the action: Store helps customers get close to the game

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