Sunday, October 31, 2010

7th Heaven starring The Mick

Haven't had a chance to read The Last Boy yet, but I definitely will once I get a chance to get a half day or so to sit down with a book.  Mickey Mantle's story has been told more than once, by both himself and others.  I have a question for those reading this who grew up with Mantle or any other of the dozens of athletes you may have idolized as a child.  Which era do you prefer........the era where athetes' (and anyone else semi-famous for that matter) personal lives were treated with reverence by the media or the post-Ball Four era where 24-hour news cycles and the explosion of media outlets have told us far more than we ever wanted to know about our heroes? 

Saturday's Cleveland Plain Dealer covers both eras and how Mickey Mantle has been portrayed over the years.....

Mickey Mantle portrayals, from books to movies to baseball cards and more


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