Thursday, October 28, 2010

Just for pocket money?

You have to hand it to Kirk Gibson.  He's nothing if not benevolent.  Following the Bill Gates/Warren Buffett model of what to do with one's fortune, he is auctioning his massive memorabilia collection to beef up funding for his charitable foundation.  We're talking EVERYTHING.....his 1988 World Series MVP plaque, the helmet he wore in that memorable Game 1, his jersey, and most importantly, the bat he used to hit that unforgettable hom..........wait, what?  He's keeping the money generated by the sale of the bat, expected to approach Babe Ruth-like proportions, FOR HIMSELF, you say?  A guy that made around $16 million during his playing career?  Hmmmmmm.........

Kirk Gibson 'at peace' parting with treasures

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