Monday, September 27, 2010

Bridging the gap between Strasburg Mania and Bryce Harper Mania

Before you click through to read the story, you should keep a few things in mind.  First and foremost, the source is the owner of a card shop in the player's home state, where he might as well be Governor.  Second, his alma mater, while still a Top 10 team, isn't playing quite up to par yet, so there's the nostalgia of times gone by probably driving the market in his back yard.  Only in college football can the "glory days" be a mere 9-ish months ago :-)  Third, he's not a starting QB yet, and who knows whether he'll ever be? 

Is it nice to see the sports card market thriving after the Tommy John Express claimed yet another phenom poised to carry it on his back?  Is it slightly hyperbolic for a brick and mortar store owner and "homer" to indicate that a guy who has picked up a total of 2 yards in his professional career will singlehandedly resuscitate the hobby?  Yes, and yes. 

Tim Tebow's Rookie Cards Top Industry

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